HE 129G.jpg

71  HE 3439 renown 129C

Here is a really solid bull out of the 212z donor cow. He has a lot of muscle length and hair in a well balanced package. Try to keep as many of his daughters as possible they will be outstanding. Brothers at Carlsons, Bryans and Wevers.

Birth Weight: 97    Wean Weight: 910

JAN 17/19

HE 116G.jpg

72  HE 3439 RENOWN 116C


The lenght and muscle of Renown is sure on full display with this outstanding son. Out of one of our really consistent producing cows. Full brothers working at One Dog Ranch and brothers at Friemarks, Staffords, Watsons, and Masers.  

Birth Weight: 90    Wean Weight:840

JAN 20/19

HE 37G.jpg

73  HE 3439 renown 37C

The mother to this bull is a sister to the 5 top flush Renowns in the sale. She has been an outstanding producer with all her calves being top sale bulls. Same cow family as the Lot 82 bull, also in the sale, sons at Kochs, Baders and Watsons. 

Birth Weight: 76   Wean Weight:740.

JAN 26/19

HE 121G.jpg

74  HE 3439 RENOWN 121G

A really solid group of flush brothes here. They have all the basics covered and should throw tremendous females and not give anything up on the feeder end as well. Check out their ages some of the younger bulls in the sale.

Birth Weight: 72   Wean Weight: 670

FEB 21/19

HE 151G.jpg

75  HE 3439 RENOWN 151G

The mother to these bulls was a favorite around here. She was a solid deep cow with tremendous feet and udder. Absolutely problem favorite young cows are her daughters and granddaughters. 

Birth Weight: 72    Wean Weight:735

FEB 22/19

HE 25G.jpg

76  HE 3439 renown 25G

Probably one of the brothers with the most performance here. Can't say enough good things about this cow family. One of my biggest mistakes or regrets was not flushing this cow more. 


Birth Weight: 96    Wean Weight: 735


FEB 26/19

HE 152G.jpg

77  HE 3439 RENOWN 152G

The consistency of these brothers shows the true value of the genetics. Take one or take them all you won't be disappointed. Brothes working at Stokkes, Evans, PFRA, as well as at home in our commercial herd. 

Birth Weight: 74 Wean Weight: 715

FEB 26/19

HE 122G.jpg

78  HE 3439 RENOWN 122G


Featuring five flush brothers out of our 56U donor cow. This is a well balanced deep bull. Expect moderate birth weights with good growth with his calves. His daughters should be outstanding as well.

Birth Weight: 86 Wean Weight: 790

MAR 2/19

79  HE 3439 RENOWN 4G

Lots of muscle in this guy! Hard to beat his dams production record as well.  She raised 16 calves in her 16 years raising a set of twins by herself one of those years. She always cycled early and caught to the AI first time every we had her. A couple of sons working at One Dog Ranch, Great feet and sound udder was another of her top features.

Birth Weight: 78   Wean Weight: 760

JAN 31/19

HE 109G.jpg

80  HE 1T01 REMEDY 109G


If you are looking for a big performance bull look no further. We all know that length adds pounds to feeder cattle and this guy will provide that in spades. Hard to find a performance bull like this with such a moderate birth weight. 

Birth Weight: 84     Wean Weight: 940

JAN 1/19

Friday, March 27, 2020

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HE 31G.jpg

81  HE 1T01 REMEDY 31G

This guy seems to catch everyones eye that looks through the pen and I dont blame them. Lots of length and muscle with an extremely attractive front end . HIs mother is a good looking cow as well.

Birth Weight: 94    Wean Weight:855

JAN 8/19

HE 15G.jpg

82 HE 1t01 remedy 15g

A top calving ease prospects that was a heifers first try. Out of the top Barbara cow family. Again tremendous length and attractiveness. His mom looks like she will be oneof our top young cows combining 2 of our donor cows

Birth Weight: 76 Wean Weight: 785

jan 9/19

HE 120G.jpg

83  HE 5615 SENSATION 120G


Another good long thick bull here out fo our 56U donor cow. We had 5 outstanding full brothers in our sale last year. They sold to Stubers, Wevers, Goerhings, Baders, and Many Islands Grazing.  Calved three full sisters and they all have beutiful udders. 

Birth Weight: 86   Wean Weight: 700

JAN 28/19

HE 33G.jpg

84  HE C251 COLONEL 33G

A really deep ribbed, thick low birth weight son of the 56u donor. These genetics are almost impossible to get in Canada so take advantage here. The dam has been a stellar producer with 42 progeny recorded and more on the ground this spring. 

Birth Weight: 79    Wean Weight: 725

feb 23/19

HE 8G.jpg


Lots of depth and volume in this guy. Out of a big powerful first calver that is a flush sister to the powerful Regard sons we sold two years ago. One of those sons sired a champion pen for Watsons at the Medicine Hat Pen Show. 

Birth Weight: 84    Wean Weight: 900

JAN 2/19

HE 221G.jpg

86  HE 76b cool cat 221g

A clean made thick son of the 212z donor cow. He has a lot of hair and should sire calves with a good top and rear quarter with a lot fo eye appeal. Just a younger calf, don't overlook him. 

Birth Weight: 90   Wean Weight: 670

feb 27/19

HE 13G.jpg

87  HE 21a xcaliber 13g


Stamped like hsi sire this guy has a lot of length and hair. His mom is a really good footed cow with a nie udder and pleasure to look at. 

Birth Weight: 86   Wean Weight: 720

feb 12/19

HE 125G.jpg

88  HE 21a xcaliber 125g

A big performance bull here. Unfortunately he sells as unregistered as we don't know who his mothers sire is just that he is a purebred angus bull. She has raised big performance bulls in the past as well.  

Birth Weight: 86    Wean Weight: 820

feb 13/19

HE 45G.jpg

89  HE 21a xcaliber 45g


Another 21a son that is long as a freight train. His mother is a full sister to Quantified and a current donor dam. This guy was her natural calf. 

Birth Weight: 97    Wean Weight: 720

FEB 17/19

HE 127G.jpg

90  HE 118c quantified 127g

A big growthy bull out of our pick of the cows at the Stryker dispersal. She had our high seller a couple years ago to Carmichael Colony. Full brother working at Stubers. 

Birth Weight: 102   Wean Weight: 810

feb 18/19

HE 24G.jpg

91  HE 118c quantified 24g

Thicker more moderate bull here. His dam is an excellent daughter of Final Answer that is definitely the right kind.  

Birth Weight: 92     Wean Weight: 715

feb 18/19

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